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Headed your way: a fiber optic network that delivers reliable, lightning-fast internet service to electric cooperative members in South Carolina

Energy Efficiency Programs

ecobee Smart Thermostat

ecobee Smart Thermostat

Enjoy savings on heating and cooling with Free Smart Thermostat.

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Water Heater Program

H2O Select Plus2

Water heater and timer incentive program for residential properties served by Aiken Electric Cooperative

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Help My House Icon

Help My House

Improve your home with this energy efficiency audit and zero-down, low-interest loan program.

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Beat The Peak

Help hold down power costs! Join thousands of electric cooperative members in South Carolina in managing your energy use during peak times. Peaks occur on the coldest winter mornings and hottest summer afternoons, when the demand for electricity, and the cost for it, is the highest.

Together, we can keep rates affordable, delay the need for new power plants and make the future brighter.


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